Abandoned Rails of Maryville


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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Richmond Terminal Company)

This line was built in 1867 by the Knoxville and Charleston Railroad (chartered in Tennessee in 1852); the line was foreclosed due to financial difficulties in 1871, and sold to the Knoxville and Augusta Railroad in 1878. The Richmond Terminal Company, seeking a route to Knoxville, purchased the K&A in 1880, and folded it into their East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway subsidiary in 1890. However, this railroad company also struggled financially, and was sold in foreclosure in 1895 to the Southern Railway, who extended this line eastward to the Little River by 1900. After a series of mergers, the Norfolk Southern Railway abandoned these rails in 2012.

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What rails? Seem to have been eaten up by the city long ago :P

Christian B.
Kirkwood, DE


Ahh, these rails seem to have a complicated history. I keep trying to find records but have turned up with no luck. Also, one of its last remains is the trestle next to the old Cherokee Lumber co, does anybody know about its status? I would hate for it to be removed, but knowing our government.....

Maryville , TN


The line from the old depot in Maryville going Southeast toward Hwy 321 is the old main line from the Little River Railroad & Lumber Co.

Knoxville, TN


Remnants of the railroad towards Townsend can be found if you go past the Little League Park on the roadbed. When you reach the dense undergrowth, you will find the rails still intact from there to Cherokee St. Also between High Street and Crawford Street are some ties and rail imprints. This line went south to the Little Tennessee River and was originally planned to be a mainline from Atlanta via N.C.

Maryville, TN


I really like abandoned things and come to find out, a section of these rails are in my back yard LITERALLY!

Maryville, TN


There are many places around the city and county where you can see the roadbed, old culverts, foundations, etc. You have to keep your eyes open.

Maryville, TN


Where was the Montvale Station?

Off Montvale Station Rd close to Sandy Springs Rd at the Fulmers there appears to be an old track on a levee, where shown to cross Montvale Station then appears now to be along the Greenway.

It is odd how many old rails are gone and now rails are wanted in so many locations.

Glenn White
Maryville, TN


Actually the original Montvale Station was a stagecoach stop on the way to Montvale Springs Hotel. The Tennessee and Carolina Southern established a station 7 miles south of Maryville near where Carpenter's Campground Road intersects with the old railroad bed and named it Montvale Station. For clarification, the railroad from Maryville to Calderwood and the state line was the Tennessee and Carolina Southern. The line from Maryville to Walland was the Knoxville and Augusta. Both were subsidiaries of the Southern Railway.

Neal Stone
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