Revillo to Strandburg


Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

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Greg Harrison

This railway line between Revillo and Strandburg was abandoned by the Chicago and North Western Railroad in 1968.

I have seen this abandonment first hand as a child visiting my Grandfathers birthplace in Revillo. The old right of way was visible near some grain silos in 1990. From maps i've seen this was originaly owned by Minneapolis & St. Louis. The Great Northern also had tracks just north of town.

S. Schieve
Geneva, IL


Originally from Iowa. I remember seeing this line being abandoned in 1974. The telephone poles and wires were still in place but the roadbed was graded and there were RR ties sticking up through the grade at odd angles. Part of the slaughter that was M&SL trackage that was abandoned by the C&NW after the merger in 1960.

Jerold Crawford
Tampa, FL


Now abandoned from west side of Madison Minnesota to Watertown South Dakota.



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