Long Leaf Junction to LeCompte, Mederain, and Kurthwood

The Red River and Gulf Railroad

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Photo by Everett Lueck.

This logging line to the southwest of Alexandria, LA, extended in 3 directions from Long Leaf Junction on the Missouri Pacific (now UP). One line went from Long Leaf Junction to Forest Hill, Holdup, Togo, and then LeCompte on the Texas & Pacific (later MP and now UP). To the southeast of Long Leaf Junction, the line went to Long Leaf, location of a major saw mill complex which is being preserved (see below), then Louisiana Junction, Audebert, Cocodrie, Causey and ending at the Rock Island in Mederain, also a sawmill town. To the northwest, the RR&G went to Big Cut, Melder, Bliss, Elmelhine, Lewiston, Walding, Stille, Hood, Comrade, Mathis, Hutton, Alco, Dusenbury, and ending in Kurthwood. The line was apparently built for the sawmills it served.

In addition to Everett Lueck's photos, Steve has provided some pictures of a historical marker at Peason, LA, which shows some of the RR&G operations in the area, along with some more pictures of the rail equipment at the Southern Forest Heritage Museum. For more information on the railroad equipment or for the RR&G in general, please see both the Museum's website, and Steve's blog, both linked below.

Thanks to Everett Lueck for contributing information about this route.

In the photo above the bogey wheels were probably used to haul large logs to the mill! Large logs, or several smaller ones, would be loaded directly onto the bogey carriges and secured with chains ! The tank could have been used to haul water to the equipment using steam engines for power such as the skidder or loader!! The open box could have been used to carry coal for the same equipment or whatever other smaller equipment that was being used at that time, such as chains ,cable,or items like that! It could have been a track maintainance car hauling ties or switches or even short sections of track! Hope this might clarify some of your curiosity !!

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If you will note above, I am one of the contributors to this site. I am also the Railroad Operations Director at the Southern Forest Heritage Museum.

Mr. Angelo has no ownership interest in either the equipment shown on this website, nor the railroad tracks of which he speaks. The equipment and track is owned either by the museum, or a private family not related to Mr. Angelo. Anyone who is approached by Mr. Angelo to sell any part of this railroad or equipment needs to contact the museum.

Everett Lueck
Longleaf , LA


Actually, that "open box" is actually Crowell Locomotive #202's tender.It wasn't used for carrying coal,but wood as well as it's water supply.That is why in the picture,you can see a ladder on the back of the tender.

Austin Jeansonne
Center Point, LA


How many miles of the red river & gulf ràilwày has been put back into service, and will more track be repaid to haul tourists.

Lou Lewis
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The book "Rails Through Dixie" by John Krause has a couple vintage photos of RR&G steam engines back in the day.

Mechanicsville, MD


I hope they can completely overhaul the locomotives to where they don't look like scrap iron & they can run under their own power.

Center Point, LA


My grandfather, Robert T. Slayter, was a Section Foreman for a Railroad Company operating in Grant Parish, LA. My mother was just a little girl when he worked there (census records show him there in the 1930 and 1940 records, but he was laid off before WWII started. I'm trying to determine which RR he worked for, as he was within close proximity to their farm. Can you shed any light on this?

Marcia Pecor
Charlottesville, VA


Both of the URL's listed under 'Other Sites and Information' no longer work. Instead, the two following URL's can replace them: (1) http://www.forestheritagemuseum.org/railroad.html

(2) http://lumbermillrrs.blogspot.com/2016/07/red-river-and-gulf-railroad-combined.html

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The RR&G recently launched a website. It's full of photos, videos, and history.


If you're interested in volunteering to help us rebuild additional portions of the line, please sign up on the Work Sessions page. The volunteers get to operate the equipment at the end of each Work Session.

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Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/2m4

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