Raymond to Marion

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

A segment of the Erie and Erie-Lackawanna Dayton Branch, part of the "original" railroad from NJ to Dayton. (The Marion-Chicago route was acquired later.) The branch was abandoned by Conrail.

Gary Lambillotte
Medina, OH


This line, as well as the E-L Marion-Chicago line, did not survive as a through route into the Conrail years, as Conrail already served the major cities with Penn Central routes. However, Conrail operated Marion-Richwood as a branch line into the 1980's and maybe even 1990's.

Trains to Dayton would back out of the Erie yards just west of Marion until their locomotives were at Union Station. Then they would pull forward through the switch for the Dayton line, which was located just west of the C&O crossing.

Regan Rickson
Roswell, GA


I'm mystified about the demise of the Erie. I used to live near Mansfield, and I watched the removal of the mainline near Ontario sometime in the late 80s. The line remained intact to the GM plant, but everything to the west was obliterated all the way to Galion. Was the line from Galion to Marion abandoned also? (It paralleled the CCC&StL)

Does anyone know what happened to the Erie east of West Salem?



Paul Wenning
Columbus, OH


Even before Conrail, the line between Galion and Marion was operated as double track, even though the tracks were separated quite a bit more than a typical double-track line would be. All westbounds used the north track, and all eastbounds used the south track, even though the Erie technically owned one track, and the Big Four owned the other. In Conrail years, the ownership difference became moot. Since 1976, some of the line has been single-tracked, but I don't know which track was removed. It's still double track leading east from Marion.

There must not have been any on-line customers between West Salem and Rittman, because that segment became so grown over in the 1990's that I could not tell from the I-71 overpass whether the rails were still in place or not. By about 2010, the I-71 bridges over the Erie had been replaced with fill.

I think a short line still operates the Rittman-to-Barberton portion. I saw one very disused track still in place in Wadsworth about 2010.

Regan Rickson
Roswell, GA


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