The R Line

Raymond to Columbus, GA

A map showing a portion of the entire abandonment between Columb...
A map showing a portion of the entire abandonment between Columbus and Allie. Click on the image for a full-size view. (Submitted by Ron Parks)

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I recently took a trip down to Calloway Gardens in South Central Georgia near Warm Springs. The last time I was at Calloway Gardens was approximately 3 years ago. I always stay on the backside of the motel just opposite of Calloway, which has an old Central of Georgia ROW immediately behind the motel. Last time I was there the iron was still on the ground but upon inquiring I was told a train hadn't been seen on the line for about a year or more. This time I checked into the motel and walked over the berm separating the motel from ROW and the iron and ties have been pulled up but the ballast is still down and in excellent shape. No idea when the last time the line was ballasted and tamped but the ballast that I walked approx 4 miles on was in excellent shape. The grade crossing is still intact, as of Nov of 2009, where highway 27 crosses highway 354. I researched the abandonment and the abandonment is from milepost 1.2 in West Columbus to North of Greenville along highway 41 at Allie. Didn't think to bring a camera with me when I walked out of the motel and it was getting towards evening so the ROW was a bit to dark for good shots.

Ron Parks
Jasper, GA

When I passed through Pine Mountain, we followed the railbed all the way to Columbus and it was all gone but still looked like the day they had pulled up the rails-ballast was still in perfect shape. Bridge over the road still looked good-only thing was a large tree had fallen over the right of way. I do know that Georgia is really big on the Rails to Trails thing-maybe they are thinking of converting this one.

Auburn, AL

Came down to visit a family member. Passed this area before in the past a few years ago. Still is the same way. I don't know how state and federal laws work with the railroad, but usually the R.O.W. where the rails were laid down can never be altered except for a trail plan. Most R.O.W. up here can only be used for the Rails-to-Trails conservancy. The berms and former property are usually kept in place for posterity.

Adrian Neils
DePere , WI

The R line was first abandoned around Raymond. The Man of War ran the line to Raymond hopped on the line to Newnan and then the A&WP to East Point where it got back on the Central to Terminal Station at Spring St. There was a lumber yard that did a heavy business but a trestle developed problems and to expensive to replace. They removed the rest some time before 2010. Southern had laid ribbon rail on this line in the early 80s.

David Pharr