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This view, facing west, shows the abandoned right of way of the Baltimore & Eastern (the grassy section to the left of the road). This location is near the pier at Love Point, where the Chester River joins Chesapeake Bay. Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2003.

The Baltimore & Eastern operated several light density branch lines east of Chesapeake Bay. This section ran from Queenstown through Winchester, Narrows, Chester, and Stevensville to a pier at Love Point. Little trace of this line exists today.

The segment from Stevensville to Love Point ran adjacent to Maryland Route 18, but there was no remnant of the grade except where it curved right to access the pier, and in the final approach to the pier location. The curved right-of-way passes behind some private residences.

The Stevensville depot survives, but in Chester and Narrows the rebuilt marinas and upgraded highway US 50/US 301 have removed traces of the rail line in the area.

Does anyone have any info on the section of this line from Queenstown to the Delaware state line?? I am a lineman for the local power company and while at work a farmer told me that the line used to cross his farm just north of US 50 in Wye Mills and headed to Queen Annes then thru Denton and then thru delaware to Lewes, De.... claims that the line parrallels the power lines but most rails and right of way removed in late 60s or early 70s... rails are existent though overgrown from MD 480 north of MD 404 parrallelling the power lines... crossing 404 just east of MD 328 in Denton then proceed across a wooden trestle that spans the Choptank river into town... from there i have no clue other than what i can gather from what is on your delaware postings....

Rob K.
Easton, MD


The line remained intact into the early 1930's, but through operation ended sometime in the 1920's. PRR subsidiary B&E operated between Denton and Love Point, with an independent company operating Denton-Lewes for a few years. The line east of Denton was abandoned in the early 1930's, except for the still-extant spur between Ellendale and Milton DE. B&E/PRR operated the line between Denton and Love Point from a connection to the PRR Oxford Branch at Queen Anne, and the last passenger service (daily Love Point-Easton round trip connecting with the ferry to Baltimore) ended in March 1938. Queenstown-Love Point was abandoned around 1956 and the track removed, Queen Anne-Queenstown lasted until Conrail in 1976 (track removed in the late 1970's), and Queen Anne-Denton lasted until Maryland & Delaware quit operations on the Easton Line in the early 1980's. The right of way east of Queenstown is still visible, and two wooden trestles are visible in on-line aerial photos in the fields between US301 and MD404. The right of way is still mostly visible between Queenstown and the Kent Narrows (including some bridge pilings at the Narrows), but development along US 50 and construction of the Cross-Island Trail on Kent Island have obscured the right of way between the Narrows and Stevensville. North of Stevensville the right of way becomes visible alongside MD 18 up to Pier Avenue in Love Point. With a little knowledge and imagination it's possible to follow most of the right of way east of Denton on aerial photos, but more difficult to find on the ground. It's also possible to identify the right of way in Delaware with NETR online aerial photos from the 1930's.

H. R.
Baltimore, MD


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