The Portland Traction Company

Portland, Oregon

The Portland Traction Company was an interurban and local transi...
The Portland Traction Company was an interurban and local transit company that served the greater Portland area. Though the last rail passenger service ended in 1958, certain lines remained in service serving freight customers for some years afterward. The Portland Traction Company engine house is pictured here. Photo by Craig Bass, August 1981.

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I have a small token that say's Portland traction Co. It says Good for one fare. Also it has a diamond shape cut out in the center,, just wondering if it was wroth anything.

Wayne Johnson
Beaverton, OR

Are you willing to sell it? I want to buy one

Portland, OR

I have one of these as well. Found it in the alley near my house.

Portland, OR

Wayne, I have two Portland traction tokens with diamond cutouts and two Rose City Transit tokens with star cutouts, neither seems to have much if any value.

Kenn Lantz
Clackamas, OR

Found four Portland traction Co. tokens in Mom's old sewing kit. All have the diamond center cut out and "Good for One Fare" on the backside.... Might have been used by my Dad who was the last SP agent for the Tillamook depot.

Pat Young
Tillamook, OR