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Greg Harrison

The first part of this line abandoned was from Lakeland, Mi to Jackson. I don't know the exact date removed but was in the 70's sometime. Track stayed in use out of Lakeland where it meet with the Ann Arbor RR as a branch line into the late 80's I still remember seeing the local on it as a kid and the tracks in till 88 or 89. I was born in 80 so was quite young when it was yanked. The line ran 5 miles south of where I lived. The only part left today is between Wixom,Mi and West Bloomfield,Mi. The line was bought in 89 by Larry Coe and was called Coe Rail (CRLE). At Wixom it interchanged with the CSX for freight service. In 1998 I worked for Coe Rail and the Michigan star clipper diner train he had. I was a conductor on the line for a year. A few years ago Coe rail was put out of business and the line sits rusting away now. The only freight on it when I left was to a plastic toy company. The line last year was put up in trains Mag. for total abandonment. The track is still in as of last summer but not for long. Needless to say I'm sorry to see it go.

Richard Roberts


The GTW Jackson Sub was first removed from Jackson to Lakeland in the Mid 1970s. The South Lyon to Wixom and Orchard Lake to Keego Harbor sections were removed in 1984. Coe Rail began operations in 1984 out of Walled Lake until it was bought in 2007 by Railmark and renamed the MAL Railway. The Dinner Train operated until 2009 and the freight operations ceased at the end of 2011. The last train on the MAL was 3/25/2012 which consisted of moving the rest of the equipment out of Walled Lake to the CSX interchange for the removal of the track. Track removal began in May of 2012. The Keego Harbor to Pontiac portion was still in service until 2003 when CN reached a deal to relocate their customers near the Pontiac terminal where CN could discontinue the last few miles to Keego Harbor.

Chris Paciocco
Detroit area, MI


I would like to talk with someone who has knowledge for the Richmond-Jackson GT branch for an up coming book. John Guidinger

John Guidinger
Jackson, MI


I was employed at the Big Boy restaurant located across the tracks from the Walled Lake train station for almost forty years.I had an opportunity to ride on a freight between Walled Lake and South Lyon in the early 80's.All the trackage is gone but the station still sits empty.Hopefully it can be preserved for a museum or something.The West Bloomfield section of this line has been made into a nice walking path which I use sometimes.I have memories of seeing short freight trains going by the WL station in the 70's and 80's.And everyday when I came to work while the dinner train existed I would drive by all the equipment used on this train

dan koenig
west bloomfield, MI


i worked the Jackson sub from 69 till the end. As Brakeman and Conductor.

Glenn rice
Detroit, MI


I would like to know more about how to refine the Abandoned train yards to see how i could profit from it in the long run. also besides that however the old building are more lugubrious by meaning that more pretty than the newer building anyway.

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Adrian Mol


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