Lake Orion to Caseville

The Cass City Subdivision

(Forwarded from the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad)

I do not have any information on this abandoned route. If you know anything about this route, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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I'm not sure about Cass City Specifically. However, I know the PO&N, or Pontiac, Oxford, and Northern, (later Grand Trunk Western) originated in Pontiac and not Lake Orion. It passed around the West side of Lake Orion and curved Eastward through Oxford before turning North again toward Dryden. It was originally intended to end at Port Austin to take advantage of the lumber availability. However, prior to completion, a widespread fire through the Thumb took a significant toll on the lumber trade. The result was a change of plans directing the end to Caseville instead.

A big chunk of the southern rout is now the Polly Ann rail to trail.

Oxford, MI


Yes, the PO&N was Pontiac to Caseville, with a branch from Cass City to Bad Axe until the late '50's I think. There was a small engine house in Bad Axe as well as at Caseville. Major business was gravel at Oxford, grain {beans}at Pigeon, and Evans Products at Gagetown, with light traffic at other stations along the way, including Vlasic Pickle at Imlay City.

Southbound traffic was generally set out at Imlay City for pickup by Chicago Division trains.

R. J. Meade
Ishpeming, MI


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