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Greg Harrison

In 1889, the Boston, Concord & Montreal merged with or was taken over by the Concord Railroad to become the Concord & Montreal RR, and in turn in 1895 by the Boston & Maine RR. The track runs as an irregularly active line from Concord north to Tilton, northeast to Lakeport, and then northwest to Plymouth. There the line divided, with the easternmore track to Lincoln, NH, still used by a tourist railroad. The westernmore track went NW to Woodsville, NH, across the Connecticut River from Wells River, VT.

In 1954, the 37 miles from Plymouth NW to Blackmount were abandoned, with the final 4.3 miles to Woodsville abandoned in 1981.

Thanks to Nelson Lawry for contributing information about this route.

Nice site. Found it on Facebook. Interesting. This line is still in evidence in many places. I have followed it on 2-3 diferent occasions. Some places the NHDOT has usurped the row for highways (oh well). My most recent rip was in October 2012 visiting Rumney, Warren, Glencliff, Pike Oliverian, N. Havehill, Blackmount and Woodsville. Allthese places s till contain evidence of the former line.

Conrad Ekstrom
Tilton NH, NH


Oh yes, at the so called PLymouth Jct., across fromthe armory, there is still some evidence of the row inthe trees between where the Pemi branch starts and US Rt-3. From this point on to the other side of the river was destroyed by the NHDOT for bridge removal etc. Check out Google Earth.


Conrad Ekstrom
tilton, NH


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