Platte to Tyndall


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

A raised strip of land and a lone whistle post are the only evidence of an abandoned Milwaukee Road route in South Dakota, along US Route 18. Photo by Greg Harrison, October 2006.

This entire abandoned route from Platte to Tyndall is very easy to trace on Google Maps, and Streetview indicates that at least as of a couple years ago, rails were still present under the pavement at several crossings. Another abandoned line crosses through Tyndall from northeast to southwest, and the line heading southeastward out of Tyndall is also long-abandoned. These would be fairly simple mapping projects and great additions to the site for anyone with some time and interest!

Kevin M. Smith
Cicero, NY


Its not abandoned. The rails are still in place and its owned by the State of SD. Its basically railbanked.

Omaha, NE


It appears that this right-of-way will be sold by the state to a development group:

Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX


The line is still in place and is railbanked. There have been ongoing attempts by officials in Wegner, SD to buy and rehab the line for a possible ethanol plant.

David Voeltz
Pierre, SD


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