Summerville to Clarion

The Lake Erie Franklin and Clarion Railroad

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Pittsburgh, Clarion & Franklin Railroad)

The Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad ran from Summerville to Clarion, in Pennsylvania. It was comprised of several smaller railroads:

  • Pennsylvania Northern
  • Pennsylvania Southern
  • Pittsburgh, Clarion and Franklin
  • Pittsburgh, Summerville, and Clarion

Coal traffic was the primary revenue for the line, but it also served a number of industries in the area as well. However, as coal mines shuttered their doors, freight service along the line dwindled, so much so that it ultimately sealed its fate; it was formally abandoned in 1993.

i was looking at the map and saw possible abandoned rail.anybody who might know if there is any rail on this abandoned rail line or any equipment or bridges,please let me know.thank you.

george oakley
reading, PA



when this line went, it all went. I can't recall anything at all left - the bridge in Summerville, the spur to the brick yard, the junction near Holden, the mine load near Strattonville and even the sidings at the glass factory in Clarion. All track has been removed, and to my recollection all ties. The Mill Run branch was abandoned long ago. Much of it is barely discernible, with some of it stripped.

More recently the bridge at Sutton that LS&MS (that's Lake Shore and Michigan Southern! - later NYC) owned has also been taken out.

Michael Sheliga
Slickville, PA


Thank you Michael for the information.

George oakley
Reading, PA


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