East Greenville to Pigeon Run

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  • States: Ohio   
  • Railroads: B&O, CL&W   

The Pigeon Run Branch

Point of Interest

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Greg Harrison

This short branch line was constructed in 1880 and ran from a connection with the former Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Railroad (a Baltimore & Ohio subsidiary) near Justus, OH, to reach coal mines in the vicinity of Pigeon Run and Greenville, a total distance of 5.62 miles. It directly served the Woodland mine; a short spur track extended another 1.42 miles to the Charlotte mine.

As the mines along the Pigeon Run Branch shut down, the branch line itself saw decreasing traffic levels, and the B&O filed for abandonment of the line in 1922.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 2200 Date: 1922 Section: 1-18
The Baltimore & Ohio RR Co. for a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the abandonment of its Pigeon Run Branch in Starke Co. OH.
Length: 7.31 miles Citation: 71 ICC 389  

I have traced the pigeon run tracks from where they stop, north of barrs rd. to where they meet again, just north of route 30. plan on walking as much of it as I can !

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massillon ohio


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