Petosky to Mackinaw City


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

This line was constructed between Petosky and Mackinaw City in 1882 by the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad. After the merger with the New York Central to form the Penn Central, the Michigan Northern Railway acquired the line, who abandoned by 1990.

Thanks to Mike Fromholt for contributing information about this route.

Always thought this is a beautiful place for a Tourist Scenic Railroad. Although, now the Tracks are gone, so it will never happen, guess I am a dreamer.

Robert Walker
Lake Orion, MI


Sometimes we are so quick to throw things away!

Herb Theodore
Grandville, MI


There were several attempts to run excursion trains along this line. When Michigan Northern Railroad (MIGN) operated the line they ran passenger excursions from the south. After MIGN lost the state of Michigan contract to operate their southern lines, they retreated to operate Petoskey to Mackinaw City and tried run excursion and ultimately went out of business. Afterwards, Little Traverse Scenic Railroad and Alanson & Petoskey Railroad tried excursions from Petoskey to Alanson in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The problems were money and dealing with hostile cottage owners in Bay View.

Lansing, MI


This line has been converted to the North Western State Trail. It's a multi-use trail; we rode it by tandem bike even before its recent resurfacing. See and

Adam Dunn
Eaton Rapids, MI


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