Terre Haute to Spring Hill

The Peavey Grain Spur

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Map submitted by Anthony Korzeniewski.

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Previously a diamond with the Canadian Pacific, a junction has now been constructed between the two lines so that the southern portion could be abandoned. View is looking southeast. Photo by Anthony Korzeniewski, June 2010.

The New York Central line from Indianapolis to St. Louis, which is still in use today, had a branch to Evansville that started in Terre Haute, traveled between the two lanes of 1st Street, then cut diagonally across town before turning east and then south on its way across Indiana. From the junction at Spring Hill Tower the line was active as The Riley Coal Spur, serving the AMAX Chinook Mine (abandoned as of 1999), although all tracks south of the mine branch have been removed.

Most recently, all tracks are operated by the INRD, with this particular stretch being used to serve the still active Graham Grain Elevator. The tracks used to cross a Canadian Pacific line that served industries by the river; this diamond has since been removed with a junction made to channel the grain traffic westward. Once a main line and then downgraded to the Peavey Grain Spur, the section of tracks between the former diamond and Spring Hill is now completely abandoned. The city has already removed some signals.

Although the tracks down 1st Street don't appear to have seen any traffic in a while, and aren't exactly in pristine shape (although they are still intact), CSX has been putting up new crossbucks at the intersections, as though it intends to use this line again. No news to confirm or deny this information could be found.

Thanks to Anthony Korzeniewski for contributing information about this route.

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