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The Pawhuska District

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Greg Harrison

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The AT&SF passenger depot in Pawhuska, OK. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2011.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 23231 Date: 7/29/1964 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to aband. a port, of a line of rr. known as "Pawhuska District" extending from M.P. 0, near Owen, Washington County, Okla., to M.P 62 plus 2834.6 ft., at O.S. Junction, in Osage County, Okla., a total distance of approx. 62.5 mi.
Length: 62.5 miles Citation:  

The Santa Fe Depot that served this line at Pawhuska is still standing and now is the home to the Osage County Historical Society Museum.

Jim Fisher
Washington State, WA


I watched the last loaded AT&SF train pull out of Pawhuska toward the north from the 15th Street overpass. It was a sad day for the community.

Bill Watkins
Porter, OK


Bill, do you recall about when the last SF train left town (Pawhuska)? Not much information out there on the Pawhuska District. Seems to have been built late (ca.1918) and abandoned early. The abandonment petition sited above seems too early, but maybe not? The roadbed remains in good shape and there is still a cattle pen or two along the line north of Pawhuska.

Don Burden
Cincinnati, OH


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