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The Patuxent Branch

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Topographical map from 1907 shows the Patuxent Branch. It starts at "Savage Sta" at the lower right of the map and continues northward to Guilford. Another map from 15 years earlier does not show this line.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 6731 Date: 2/8/1928 Section: 1
App. for certificate authorizing it to abandon a part of its Patuxent Branch extending from a point west of Savage to Guilford, Maryland, a distance of 2.5. miles.
Length: 2.5 miles Citation: 138 ICC 327  

I once lived within a longish bicycle ride of Savage Mill, back shortly after the mill & that Bollman bridge was restored in the 1980's.

Unfortunately, I'd not heard of it then, & hadn't as of that time taken up this hobby. I first learned of the bridge from a book on industrial archaeology I'd picked up many years since!

As the Wikipedia article states, the bridge's preservation over a century after similar bridges had long been scrapped, was due to its 2nd life accessing the dead-end spur at Savage Mill, where it was never necessary for heavy post-Civil War locomotives to cross it in order to insert & remove cars. A few empty freight cars could be used to reach the points where rolling stock needed to be spotted or picked up, with the locomotive remaining across the bridge.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC


They could add the old steel bridge at Old Guilford Road, and the bridge supports at the end of the Savage Mill Trail that carried the Patuxent Branch RR.

Baltimore, MD


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