Paris to Shelbyville


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

i believe this route is abandoned from paris to pana illinios.

mattoon, IL


This line was completed in 1854 as the I and St.L RR. It was acquired by the CCCSTL in 1889,became part of the NYC,then Penn Central,then Ccnrail until its abandonment in 1983.It was dismantled in 1984.One early frequent passenger from Charleston to Paris was Abraham Lincoln.

T Falker
Paris , IL


The large station in Mattoon has been demolished recently. There is little trace of the tracks now. The Twelfth Street yard is now a park. The line is a recreation trail from Mattoon to Charleston and the gravel path passes benwath a double-wooden pole power line. There was a large trestle over the Embarrass River east of Charleston. In Gays, the line passed in front fo the famous two-story outhouse.Shelbyville Industrial Rail Spur still exists in Shelbyville and a few miles west, to serve local industries. Crossing signs have had their flashers removed. A former interlocking with Union Pacific (ex-C&EI) is just a switch connection. At the Tower in Pana, the line was formerly jioning the C&EI, which had trackage rights on Big Four to St Louis. There is now no switch or frog, as all the other railroads, B&O and Illinois Central Gruber Line, in Pana are gone. The tower still stands.

George Carlisle
Tulsa, OK, OK


the line is still in use as a yard to store cars for ill. cereal mills (Cargill) there in paris and is operated by CSX......the yard is just SW of springfield rd and goes for about a mile or for the station unless im mistaking, is still there and is in use as a unmanned station for S bound amtraks on the CNs ic division track......I used to live in paris 4 about 3 yrs.

springfield, IL


At Mattoon, the NYC/CCCSTL station was demolished over ten years ago as was the bridge that carried the NYC tracks over the IC. For a time in the 60's, NYC passengers had to get their tickets at the IC station a level below. There was no Amtrak service in Paris. CN/IC is in Mattoon. The restored IC station there serves Amtrak and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tony S
Beaverton, OR


I would literally give someone a one hundred dollar bill personally and seriously if anyone can come up with or send me a single picture of The NYC railroad tracks and signals at the crossing in Loxa Illinois (centered between Mattoon and Charleston Illinois)I would so appreciate this for more then words. It would be a priceless picture. Thank you all for sharing your information. Takes me back many many moons. I so wish that route still existed! Again, Thank you so much

Heath H.
Loxa, IL


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