Palmer to Sargent

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A rough timeline of this Burlington and Missouri River Railroad branch line:

         Palmer        Arcadia        Sargent
1887       |---- B&MR ----|
1899                      |---- B&MR ----|
1970       |----- merged into BN --------|
1985       |----- abandoned by BN -------|

See also the abandoned line between Palmer and Burwell.

The Sargent Branch was to be much longer, but was not contiuned past Sargent in 1899. There is grading north of Sargent for about 30 miles that was never completed, and is still visible on satellite images on google maps. The rails to Sargent were never upgraded and trains could only go about 10 miles an hour! The towns on the line still had business for the railroad, but the cost of upgrading the line out was not worth it. So, the line was abandoned in 1985. Almost all the grade is still visible. No bridges remain. In St. Paul, the steel bridge over Highway 281 was still in place in to the 1990's, but it is now gone.

James Holtgrewe
Broken Bow, NE


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