The P Line

Stevens Point to Portage, WI

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Soo Line abondened the "P-Line" in November 1945. Line went thru Plainfield, Hancock, Coloma, Westfield, Packwaukee Junction, Endeavor, and Montello. Southern Terminus was Portage, Wis., and I guess the Depot is still there. Parts of I-39/US 51 run atop the P-Line in spots. Where it was is still very visible in the communities where it passed. Info from a former Soo Line clerk.

Jon Hochstetter
Kenosha, WI

Driving north on 39/51 near Coloma, you can see part of the grade off to your right (if you look safely and slightly behind you). Not sure exactly where. I'm headed up that way next week and will check the nearest mile marker.

Joe Kryshak
Middleton, WI

This line still saw active, daily use at the time of its abandonment in 1946.

It is still fairly easy to make out parts of it in aerial photographs on Google and other online sources.

The north end of this line is also still intact in Stevens Point where it serves as a sort of "spur" to connect several paper mills to the main line of the CN.

St. Louis, MO

i was in westfield this winter and the right-of-way and railyard in downtown westfield are easily distinguished

tim schneider
muscoda, WI

We currently own the old Coloma Depot, used by the Soo Railroad for this logging route. The abandoned Depot was purchased by Frank Calugi after 1946, cut in half and moved from the town of Coloma to the 5.6 acre property now on the east shore of Pleasant Lake and is now a year round home/cottage.

The old two-seater outhouse that sat next to the Depot was also moved and is still useable on the property.

Rosemary Schwantes
Brookfield, WI

Our Vegetable farm was on the South side of Buffalo Lake. The P-Line track was on the North side of Buffalo lake. One winter, early 1940's I remember the train got syuck in the snow directly across from our farm on the South side. The train was there for at least 3 days and nights before they got it out of the snow My bedroom faced in that direction and I could hear the steam engine running all night long. the Steinhaus farm next to the tracks supplied the engine with water while it was stuck.

Bob Williams
Montello, WI, WI

I'm interested in modeling the P line. Please email any info that you have, pictures, etc. to mikaymusic at gmail dot com

Mike Kohn
Dakota, WI

The former bridge abutments on the north end over drainage ditches near Plover were still in place until a few years ago. The rail rand south out of Plover along Wilson and then again along Taft Ave...swinging to Bancroft before CTY W. South of Bancroft was "New Bancroft" where the CNW and WC/SOO crossed. There was a CNW depot and SOO tower at that spot (I have a photo). The north end of the former P-Line crossed the Plover River in Whiting near the Whiting sewage treatment plant...where today there is a pedestrian bridge. SOO also used a motor-car and coach combo on this branch near the end of passenger business. Old Plover freighthouse (WC/SOO) along Wilson is now part of a concrete plant.

Dave Simonis
Stevens Point, WI

Could the old SOO/WC line that used to be northwest of Whiting be a trail now called the Green Circle trail ? Because after being abandoned after WWII, there aren't many sections left to trace up in that area. Even with Google Earth. The Canadian National line runs almost perpendicular to that old line now, but on the west side of the Wisconsin river. Some of Stevens Point's switch line are rough around the edges. There is still a crossing near Whiting, to the west of town.

Adrian Neils