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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 21815 Date: 10/31/1961 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to abandon that portion of its Oroville Branch, Sacramento Division, between M.P. 124.50 at or near Binney Jct. and M.P. 143.78 at or near Villa Verona, a dist. of approx. 19.28 miles, together with all sidings, spur tracks and appurtenances, in Butte & Yuba Counties, Calif.
Length: 19.28 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB-12 Sub 28 Date: 5/3/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 146.59 south of Oroville in a southerly direction to the end of the branch at MP 143.78 near Villa Verona, a distance of 2.81 miles in Butte County, California.
Length: 2.81 miles Citation:  

Curious enough about the abandonment squibs to pin down Villa Verona, Google finds it as a town NW of Oroville(toward Paradise), but DeLorme doesn't list or show it, while S.P. Maps put it just s/o Oroville, the presumed reference in ICC dockets.

Steve Donaldson
San Carlos, CA


Villa Verona Colony (very old named tract) was/is East/South of Oroville.

Ray Johnson
Oroville, CA


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