Eugene, Oregon

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The Oregon Electric Railway

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Greg Harrison

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The trolley tracks seen here are all that remains of Eugene's trolley system — these tracks run only a block. The rest of the trackage that ran along Eugene's streets has either been pulled up or paved over, although in the past there have been sections that have been paved over but have been chipped away, exposing the rails, due to weather and stress. This is looking north at the intersection of 22nd and Columbia. Photo by Aaron Durland.

There is another part of the spur about to be un-earthed at the lot of 5th and Charnelton behind LC jail, due to new parking lot going in.

Major, K
Cottage Grove, OR


Glad the OE depots remain, both in Albany and Eugene. Both are nice structures well worth visiting.

Kenn Lantz
Clackamas, OR


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