Atwood to Olinda

The Olinda Branch


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Greg Harrison

This view faces northwest along Palomino Lane in Yorba Linda. This street was built on the former right of way of Santa Fe's Olinda branch. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2003.

This branch originally left the main line near Atwood, which is now part of Placentia, in Orange County. The branch had a wye at the junction, and both legs crossed Orangethorpe Drive just west of Van Buren St. The branch headed north, winding through Placentia and Yorba Linda, crossing the Pacific Electric Yorba Linda branch near what is now the intersection of Imperial Highway and Rose Drive. From there the line continued north and terminated at the community of Olinda.

Most of the branch has been abandoned for several decades. The wye junction and a short stub was still in place in the early 1980s, but those rails were removed by the mid-1980s. Today (2003) the route can be partially traced by following the street patterns in the area. The wye junction rails are gone but there are still minor berms in the ground where the tracks used to be. There are a few oil wells near the former wye and near Olinda, and a small farm is also in the area, but the rest of the route now passes through neighborhoods. In certain areas, short stretches of the right-of-way have been converted to alleys or streets.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 15112 Date: 11/5/1945 Section: 1
Application for authority to abandon a line of railroad from a point near the station of Atwood to a point near the Station of Olinda, in the County of Orange, State of California, a distance of approximately 3.67 miles.
Length: 3.67 miles Citation: 261 ICC 812  

Saw the last train to use that wye. It was the Santa Fe track geometry car & a Geep. Talked w/ their crew a few years later. The said that wye was bad ordered that day & torn out two years later!

Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs , CA


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