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Greg Harrison

Note: Thanks to Mike Palmer for helping me map this abandonment.

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The end of extant tracks of the MKT between Oklahoma City and Bartlesville. While the MKT abandoned this line in the late 1970s (after obtaining trackage rights over the Rock Island line that ran east out of OKC), the Oklahoma Railway Museum runs excursion trains over a short section of the line within OKC city limits. This is the northern extent of their tracks. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2011.

Is the MKT switcher in the last picture an actual, former MKT switcher?? Or is it one from another line that's simply painted in a Katy paint scheme??

Alvarado, TX


Hi! I took numerous pictures of the north end of the MKT abandoment in Bartlesville that I can provide. You have a very interesting web site! Thanks, Sean

Sean Hockens
Dallas , TX


I grew up in Cleveland,Oklahoma, which was on this line,in the early 1970's, my dad,brother and I were fishing right at the lakeshore in Cleveland, when my brother pointed to a train that was crossing the bridge that went over the Arkanas river and came roaring into town, it had the old red F7S pulling what seemed like a long train. Its one of best memories of this line. after it was gone,Cleveland was never quite the same. The bridge over the Arkansas river still stands unused.



The MKT switcher pictured is an ex US Army SW8 switcher at the Oklahoma Railroad Museum, it just happened to be in red when it was acquired and the MKT heralds were put on it. MKT never had any SW8's, just the similar SW9 and SW1200 switchers which had 2 exhaust stacks versus 1 for the SW8's

Midwest City, OK


An article in the April/May/June 2013 issue of TRP (The Railroad Press) mentions this line. Heavy rain damaged part of the route in 1973 and it was abandoned, from Oklahoma City to Parsons, Kansas. The M-K-T ran its trains over the Rock Island between Oklahoma City and McAlester, where they joined the M-K-T mainline. The freight traffic was mostly scrap metal.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA


Mike Palmer in Torrance: I rode the OKC-Bartlesville Katy line many times as a kid in 42-45, sometimes with a tag with destination hanging around my neck. I used to be able to recite the stations in order but can't anymore. Misspell:AGRA. On the Osage Reservation it was Hominy,

Wynona, Pershing, Nelagony and Okesa. Okesa was the site of the last train robbery in Okla (1923). (One robber survived and became a friend of Frank Phillips; he was known to drink and brag in the Brassrail in Bartlesville.) I don't think this train ever went faster than about 30 MPH, stopped at each little town, never crowded. All steam. the "Streamliner" went through Bartlesville and people came to the station to see it (including us).

john watson
Fallbrook, CA


Thanks, Karl, for the locomotive info. Other than being an early EMD switcher, it's hard to tell from the picture exactly what model it is. (You can't see the exhaust stack/stacks. Katy did have SW9s and SW1200s, which look very similar.) At the time of my original Posting, that WAS the last picture in the slideshow. A few others have been added since. Thanks Again for the Comment, and the locomotives history info.

Alvarado, TX


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