Abandoned Rails of Oklahoma City

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Abandoned SLSF Spur: The BNSF routes out of Oklahoma City included a former Frisco (SLSF) line that headed southwest through Lawton and Altus to an interchange point at Quanah, Texas. At some point after year 2000 this line was spun off to the Stillwater Central. A short segment of the original line near downtown Oklahoma City has been abandoned, but most of the track is still place, as seen here. Note the signal masts are missing their crossbucks. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2011.

Picture 2 is looking west. Looking to the left you will see the new main line which diverges off the ATSF stock yard lead and ties back into the Frisco main line west of the rock pile. All the original Frisco main line is abandoned from this point east through Union Depot.

Jerome Lutzenberger
Oklahoma City, OK


The ex-Frisco line running from Union Station WSW was removed as part of the new I-40 section that was opened in 2012 or '13. Highway money also paid to upgrade the "Packingtown Lead" (it's had other names and variations) that runs to the east of the southernmost pin on that line over to the BNSF Red Rock Subdivision. There are now interlocking plants at the junction and a bit north where the line to connect with SLWC peels off (CP RIVER and CP SHIELDS). This allows SLWC trains from east of OKC to "turn left at the BNSF, go up over the river, then turn right on the rebuilt line so that they can continue on southwestward.

Peter L
Norman, OK


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