The Mansfield, Coldwater and Lake Michigan Railroad

Mansfield, OH to Allegan, MI

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I live in Henry Co. Ohio and the MC&LM ROW is about 3/4 of a mile north of where I live. I've been researching this line. The portion from Mansfield to Tiffin, did become the PRR line into Toledo. I'm thinking and still investigating if the B&O used the portion from Tiffin to Fostoria. If not they paralleled each other. The ROW did head from Fostoria to Napoleon, passing through Weston and McClure. From the Henry Co engineers web site I found this...

It appears that the old DT&I bridge in Napoleon Ohio may have been part of this RR's ROW. Most of the viewer claims the ROW as undeveloped but some is shown as abandoned. Coldwater Street in McClure is the old ROW. I'm still researching this line. Email me should you have additional info or want to chat about what I've found in more detail.


AKA Deshler Railfan

Bill Shaffer
McClure, OH

I grew up just outside of Pioneer Ohio to the South East. That line ran South East through Pioneer, and crossed U.S. route 20 just a quarter mile North of my dads farm. It missed my dads farm by just a couple hundred feet. It ran across the farms to the East of where I lived, and one of the old farmers who own the land one section over told me, that when he bought his farm in the 40's, he had to take his team of horses and a pan scraper to level the old embankment that crossed the land. There still is remains of a grade cut in a woods at the South end of his farm.

Martin Huffman
Bryan, OH

I have seen an old map book that showed the proposed route from Mansfield through Jerry City Ohio to coldwater. If you google Jerry City you can see a diagonal line that cuts through the town. You can also see that line appear to the south east and northwest of Jerry City.

Jon Adams
Clyde Ohio, VA