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Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 9759 Date: 12/17/1932 Section: 1
App. of West Jersey and Seashore RR. Co., Pennsylvania RR. Co., lessee, and Atlantic City RR. Co., prospective lessee, for certificate to abandon those portions of the West Jersey and Seashore RR. extending from Mile Post 60 (2.5 miles east of Woodbine Junction) to Cape May; between Wildwood Junction and Wildwood; between Sea Isle Junction and Sea Isle City; between 51st Street and end of line in Ocean City; and between Sea Isle City and Stone Harbor; a total distance of 45.5 miles, all in Cape May County, New Jersey.
Length: 45.5 miles Citation: 193 ICC 183  
Also under this filing: Woodbine Junction to Cape May, Wildwood Junction to Wildwood, Sea Isle Junction to Sea Isle City, Sea Isle City to Stone Harbor   

This segment was abandoned in 1981 after damage to the Crook Horn Creek Bridge. It was one of the last remaining parts of the P-RSL to offer passenger service.

Adam Shuhart
Pitman, NJ


This line was gradually pruned back after passenger service ceased. The track from around 51st Street or so back to Palermo was still there in the 1990s, but not used. It was owned by NJ DOT by then. I think around 2000, it was conveyed by the state to Ocean City, which used the ROW around the streets to widen the street lanes on, and the rest was removed then.



The rails east of Rt 9 in Palermo got taken up in 1996 mid 1990s I shall say, and when I was 5 years old, I looked to my right saw a truck loaded with rail. And also, when I was on YouTube I heard that it closed on August 13, 1981 not quite 10 years before I was born. 11 years one of the bridges were removed which was in late 1992 1 year after I was born. This was a swing bridge which was removed.

Sean Keegan
Thorofare, NJ


P.S. I forgot to put up the letter S for the word rails which the truck was loaded with.

Sean Keegan
Thorofare, NJ


Back around 1971, my family had a place in Ocean City. The train line was still running at the time. I remember it usually being a single passenger car, similar to a Septa commuter train. I would put pennies on the tracks when I saw the train coming down the rails. After it passed, I had a nice flat penny.

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Just today I saw a remaining portion of track (from West ave) spanning at least 2 blocks probably between 46th and 49th st. You can even check the google aerial map of Ocean City to see it.

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Guys: The comments indicate that you've confused the subject of this page with the PRSL (former Atlantic City RR) branch from Tuckahoe. This line is the former PRR which was abandoned in 1932 following the PRR-Reading NJ line consolidation. Please see the above ICC Finance Docket citation.

Richard Wallis
Wheaton, IL


The ponds near the west end of the railroad causeway from Palermo to Ocean city were originally borrow pits and the source of sand used to build the causeway across the back bay. A bridge tender for the bridge over Crook Horn Creek likely used rain barrels to collect roof water for drinking.

Some of the first deep wells in Ocean City were drilled to obtain fresh water for the steam engines. Salt water would cake on the inside of the boiler. Drilling occured in the early 1890s. The wells were more than 800 ft deep. The wells were drilled using derricks mounted on trains. Fresh water flowed out of the top of the wells so pumps were not needed.

Pierre Lacombe
Florence, NJ


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