The Asherton and Gulf Railway

Artesia Wells to Asherton, TX

This line started out as the Nueces Valley, Rio Grande and Mexico Railway Company in 1905, and was chartered to build a line from the International & Great Northern Railway at Artesian Wells, to Carizzo Springs, Texas. However, only about 10 miles were graded west out of Artesia Wells, until 1908, when the construction on the line continued two more miles to Light, TX. The following year, an additional 20 miles of the line was built to Asherton, TX, and the railroad was renamed the Asherton & Gulf Railway. The intent was to connect to the Southern Pacific at Eagle Pass, TX, (and a lucrative connection with Mexico), but this did not come to pass.

Freight revenue along the line came from vegetable farms along the route, with passenger service also being offered. Missouri Pacific purchased the railroad in 1926, and formally merged it 30 years later.

Abandonment of the line came in 1958.

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Great Grandson of the founder of the Asherton and Gulf Railroad. I have a few pictures that I can scan and email of the depot and of the engine derailed and overturned when the railbed was weakened due to heavy rains and flooding on the San Roque Creek out of Catarina. The name, Asherton and Gulf was from my Great Grandfather's name "Asher Richardson".

Forrest Anderson
Asherton / Uvalde, TX

Would love to see any pictures of Asherton & Gulf railway cars. I am named after my grandfather's uncle, Asher. Would love to know what ever happened to his personal passenger car. Thanks, Newman Richardson

Newman Asher Richardson
Hartselle, AL

I was born in 1925 in Encinal, Texas but my parents moved to Catarina, Texas not much later. I remember my first tram ride from Artesia Wells over the San Roque arroyo to Catarina City. It must have been my first vivid impression as a baby for my sister was born later in 1928 and my brother in 1930. There is a display of this railway in the San Antonio model railroad museum wherein my grandson is a member

Joe Botello
San Antonio, TX

I just found out that Asher Richardson was my mom's great grandfather's uncle. I would love to get pictures of him and anything else. My great great grandfather was Tom Buffy.

nora neese
seguin , TX

Forest, I lived in Asherton from 1939-1951. My dad owned Asherton Auto Sales. I knew your mother and father. I would love the picture of the wrecked train pictures to add to my collection of Asherton photos. Love to share photos that I have of Asherton with you.

Shirley McMillan

Shirley McMillan
Bandera, TX

Does anyone response to these emails and request.

nora neese
seguin, TX

Please share your photos of Asherton. I would love to see them, I love history.

Thank You

M. Ruiz
Asherton, TX

My email is

If anyone has pictures of Asherton, would you please share? Thank you.

M. Ruiz
Asherton, TX