South Paris to Norway

The Norway Branch Railway

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Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

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Greg Harrison

Operations began on December 30, 1879; began leasing to the Grand Trunk Railway in May of 1880. Roughly 1.5 miles long, it is not known when it was abandoned under Canadian National.

OK, this line is OK, but did you know that the line was going to continue another 12 miles to the west. The grading was done and you can see miles of the old rail road grade. Very interesting. It follows Rt 118. You ca not see it along the side of Big Penn Lake, but you can see the grade right west of the Lake Store as it leaves the lake, then for the next 5 miles. My brother in law has an old property plan of the route as it gets out into Waterford. It went at least to Meadow Brook, along Rt 118. The story is that there was a big knife fight between the Irish laborers and that was the end of the project. I do enjhoy following old rr grades, looking at the river and brook crossings anmd culverts, inagining the planning and the work that went in to it. Tom

Tom Hutchinson
Bethel, ME


After a holiday saw the railway line going north. passed Norway where does it go. And is it still in use. Thanks

Adrian Vance
United kingdom


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