Tupper Lake Junction to Tupper Lake

The Tupper Lake Spur

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(Forwarded from the Northern Adirondack Railroad)

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Photo by Doug Vensel, May 2010.

This line was first built in 1886 by the Northern Adirondack Railroad in order to reach the Oval Wood Dish lumber company located in the town of Tupper Lake, NY. This short spur connected with the NARR's mainline via a wye at a location called "Faust" (later called Tupper Lake Junction), and headed south to the OWD mills in Tupper Lake proper. A large switching yard was located near the OWD mill in Tupper Lake. The mainline soon came under the control of the New York Central, and then Penn Central, who abandoned the spur in 1972.

There's a spur heading west just a little bit north of the OWD end of the tracks. The switch is still there, as are about 50' of rails. Beyond that it's just a railbed which rapidly disappears into a wetland.

Russ Nelson
Potsdam, NY


Great site BUT this information is incorrect about the "spur's" history. It was in fact part of the Northern Adirondack RR main line and only became a spur when the NYC abandoned between Tupper Lake Jct to Helena. See this web site for a proper history and track definition:


Rooseveltown, NY


To correct a possible error in the date Oval Wood Dish Co. went out of business, I believe is in or about 1984 instead of 1964.

Thomas Baird
Traverse City, MI


The above article is mistaken.John Hurd built the railroad to Tupper Lake in 1889. The above road was not a spur, but ran to the end point on Raquette Pond. It was here that Hurd began to build his "Big Mill". OWD was to come to Tupper Lake many years later and never played a part in building of the road.

Jon Kopp
Tupper Lake , NY


The web site http://www.nyc-ottawadivision.com/

has a lot of information on the Ottawa division which ran from Tupper Lake, NY to Ottawa, ON. Thanks Chris Granger

Bill Pippine
Hamburg, NY- Jekyll Island, GA, NY


This railroad is now a rail-trail nearly its complete length. All the rails in Doug's photos are gone, except for the wye connecting to the ASRR tracks.

Also, this railroad was not supposed to stop in Tupper Lake. It was intended to go on to New York City via Long Lake. More information here: http://russnelson.com/unfinished-railroads.html#RacquetteRiverRailroad

Russ Nelson
Potsdam, NY


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/2e9

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