North Judson to Amboy

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned route once formed part of Baltimore and Ohio's mainline route between Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL.

See also Griffith to La Crosse and Marion to Richmond.

This was CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO, not B&O. It was abandoned in the 1986-87 time frame and rails removed around 1991-92 or so. Line was constructed around 1910, and didn't last even one hundred years. Amtrak ran their Cardinal train 50 and 51 along this route until about 1986 which included a stop in Peru, which was a division point on this line and featured a large yard, roundhouse, car and engine shop, and water and coaling tower. All is gone today. In North Judson a short section remains as part of the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. Amboy on Eastward toward Marion is in place and owned by Kokomo Grain/Winamac Southern Railway and still features CWR. What doomed this line was it's end were cutoff. From Malden to Chicago had been removed at some point and also Cincy to Cottage Grove on the South end was removed in favor of B&O trackage into Hamilton. Then owner CSX determined it could ship trains via Deshler, Ohio via the B&O main line to route Cincy to Chicago traffic and this C&O line was little by little abandoned. It once hosted many piggy back freights and much coal traffic heading to the steel mills near Chicago and was in great shape even at the end. CRW rail was pulled up and the rest is history.

James Norwood
Logansport, IN


I was wondering if any of the steel rails were on the lone from cincy to Chicago and if so how do you get permission to remove the rails for the companies. Thank you. Yeah M Bishop

Teah M. Bishop
St.Paris, OH


I think i have some picture of this when i was a kid. My grandpa used to take me to Goodman yard in Marion In when I was a little kid. The tracks ran right beside the yard on the south side.

shawn debruler
muncie , IN


was wondering if the abandoned railroad that ajoins my property what happens to that?

northjudson, IN


To answer Lynn's question. There was a class action law suit brought against the railroad. The railroad lost, allowing specified land owners to have the railroad right of way returned to them. Not all land owners qualified.

I live very close to New Santa Fe which is southeast of Peru about 6 miles. I remember a train depot just northwest of Santa Fe with the name of Oakley displayed on the side. Does anyone else remember the depot or have a picture?

Don Kunkle
Peru, IN


Don, I have found a reference to an Oakley in C&O literature found online, but no pictures. One site lists Amboy at 146.8, Santa Fe as being at milepost 152.7, Oakley at 155.2, and Peru at 160.4, and shops at 161.3. That looks like Oakley would be at or just South of CR 400 South by my measurement. What approximate year do you remember seeing this depot? I can still rememember the stacks of ties at New Santa Fe after the line was pulled. James

James Norwood
Logansport/Kokomo, IN


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