Newkirk to Burbank

The abandoned railroad route between Newkirk and Burbank of which 23.8 miles have been abandoned, was once operated in Oklahoma by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 26495 Date: 1/20/1971 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 1/1047 feet at Newkirk, Kay County, to MP 25 at Burbank, Osage County, a total distance of approximately 23.8 miles, all in Oklahoma.
Length: 23.8 miles Citation:  

The Chronicles of Oklahoma, by the Oklahoma Historical Society, had an interesting article in it about this portion of the line. The last train over this line was an Amtrak detour northbound. Although the abandonment had been announced, it wasn't official yet and the superstructure was still intact. The trainmen had to cut barded wire fences some of the ranchers had already put up.

Bunch, OK


Line was taken up to make room for Kaw Lake.

Robert Wagner
Phillipsburg, KS


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