Newington to Fort Belvoir

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This 7-mile line, built in 1917, stretched from Accotink Station on the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad (CSX today) in Newington to Fort Belvior, a post about 10 miles south of Alexandria. The line was used to serve coal for heating at both the post itself as well as a nearby government prison, along with other miscellaneous freight.

Railroad operations along the line ceased in 1993. The line from the CSX connection to a local road is still largely intact but overgrown. The trackage along the remainder of the line has been removed.

Thanks to Tim Moriarty for contributing information about this route.

If Light Rail or Metro comes to fruition in extending towards Fort Belvoir, I'm sure they could utilize this ROW. But that is wishful thinking.

Springfield, VA


I know where this is. If you're on Route 1 heading from the Ffx Co. PW, you'll pass Backlick Road and up a hill about a quarter mile is a trestle, single-track, stone, unused, and slightly overgrown (I had a bunch this went near Accotink). They destroyed it a couple weeks back for more highway space, and tere might be a little bit left of the right abutment, but it's mostly gone now.

Springfield, VA


The Army/DoD abandoned the line in '93 due to the fact that trucks could move their gear better/faster/cheaper. The bridge over Route 1 was demolished in late '14 as part of the Route 1 widening project to support the BRAC. At almost 100 years old the bridge had become a traffic hazard - as signs of auto impacts on the abutment would attest. Metro down the old RoW? It will probably happen one day; all you need is time and money. I like trains as much as the next guy, but, unless you can move freight and people as efficiently, when your customer wants, to where your customer wants; trucks will win the day.

Alexandria, VA


I have many pics of the railroad as my father worked there as the train engineer

daniel seymour
fort belvoir, VA


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