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(Forwarded from the New Hampshire & Vermont Railroad)

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Facing east at the grade crossing with US Route 302/NH Route 18 in Littleton, NH. The wooden building on the left is a feed and hardware store. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2009.

This abandoned railway shows up as a Boston & Maine railroad line as early as 1895. It connects to a still-active mainline at Woodsville; at Wing Road, the abandoned line splits, with a northern branch extending to Whitefield, and another branch heading eastwards to Twin Mountain. (Both branches are abandoned as well.)

It is not know when the portion of the line bewteen Woodsville and Littleton was abandoned; today it serves as the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail. The remainder of the line was operated by the New Hampshire and Vermont Railroad as late as 1999, but it too is now abandoned.

Hello again. the rails end just south of Littleton south of the I-93 overpass to an dbeyond the Littleton station and across the street to beyond the freight house. After this the rails are gone across the bridges for snow mobiles. They restart further up and continue to Whitefield, NH(Oct 2012). The Littleton station, as of this writing is an eatery. For the railfan, inside there are several very nice b/w photos of trains in Littleton. A must see stop. The inside has changed a bit, but the ticket agent's window is still there, the B/G rooms are using the same gear as when the B&M was there and it still works.

conrad ekstrom
tilton, NH


I am a Rails 2 Trail guy and I am sure this is the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail. It is on my bucket list.

Jon Osborn
Newark De, DE


Rails to trails is stupid when an active rail line gets shut downs



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