Abandoned Rails of Nellis Air Force Base

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Facing northwest along the abandoned right-of-way, as it heads towards its former connection with UP's active mainline at a location called "Lovell". Photo by Mike Palmer, March 2011.

Nellis Air Force Base, which is north of Las Vegas, at one time had a freight spur that connected to UP's mainline (formerly of the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad). The right-of-way is still visible near the UP mainline; the segment between I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. has been completely obliterated by the Las Vegas Speedway. Remnants of track are still visible on the Nellis AFB property behind a chain link fence.

Also, contained completely within Nellis AFB, is another set of abandoned tracks; these are to the southwest of the first track, as seen on the map.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

The siding into Nellis AFB was managed by USAF locootives of the EMD 1000 series until the late 70's.

The 2nd set that is now stopped by the speedway development was a shipping point for Navy weapon systems during the Vietman War. It was also the site of a 17 car derailment that got away from Valley in late 78

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Abandoned Rails you are amazing! I love trains and looking at these railroads. Sharing history with old service railroads is what I love doing. I just feel totally lucky having this website for looking at old service railroads.

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Would Someone please tell me the road address on the edge of range road. The marked-abandoned track close to where it says Nellis Air Force Base on the map above?

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These are great shots however I have photos I took all over the Vegas valley in the late 70s early 80s I'd like to share. Please let me know how.



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I just recorded the segment of the Lovell Spur north of I-15 for the BLM. I have some good photos of the bridge half a mile northwest of where these photos were taken. Research showed it was built in 1941 when Nellis was commissioned. Would love to get references regarding its supply role during Vietnam and more info on that derailment. Also if anyone has any old photos of it, that would be neat to see. Looking on google maps, the track ends about a mile into Nellis and there are a couple concrete foundations at its terminus (loading/station platforms I presume).

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I recall the Union Pacific switching cars on the base warehouse area while I was there from '74 - '76. Flat cars with AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) were seen several times. Once a complete A7D Corsair II with wings separated on flatcars.

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