The Nantucket Railroad

Nantucket to Siasconset, Massachusetts

A USGS topographical map from 1893 shows the routing of the Nantucket Railroad between Nantucket and Siasconset. Click for larger image.

The Nantucket Railroad was a 3-foot narrow gauge railway that ran between Nantucket and Siasconset on Nantucket Island. Built in 1881, the railroad ran south out of the town of Nantucket, eastward along the island's south shore, and followed the shore around to Siasconset, home of the railroad's headquarters, on the east side of the island.

By 1895, after numerous washouts along the south shore, the company reorganized as The Nantucket Central Railroad and built a new right-of-way across the middle of the island. This new routing was ultimately abandoned in 1917.

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