Nacogdoches to Loeb

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Southern Pacific train, south of Zavalla, heading north. (May 1966, submitted by Richard Day)

This Texas & New Orleans right-of-way once ran between Nacogdoches, to the north, and Beaumont, to the south. It entered Nacogdoches via a junction with the Houston East and West Texas (a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific, which also owned the T&NO) at Dorr Junction about 2 miles south of the passenger station in Nacogdoches. When the Sam Rayburn reservoir was built, the line south of Nacogdoches was abandoned between Nacogdoches and a spot on the Angelina and Neches River Railroad where the T&NO crossed the A&NR. A junction was built here and T&NO trains ran west on the A&NR to Prosser Junction where the A&NR crossed the HE&WT line. At Prosser Junction T&NO trains could proceed north to Nacogdoches or south to Lufkin.

Loeb junction was created in 1960 to allow the abandonment of the T&NO track that ran parallel to the GCSF Beaumont to Silsbee line. In the 1960s thru 1970s the line from Beaumont at Loeb Junction to Prosser Junction in Lufkin was very lightly used and was all jointed 80- and 90-pound rail. Some rock ballast existed and portions of the line were dirt ballast. Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s SP completely rebuilt this line with crushed granite ballast, new ties, and 130-pound welded rail. This was done to allow chemical, grain, and plastics trains northbound from the Beaumont, Port Arthur, to avoid the making the 90-mile trip west to Houston before going north on the HE&WT. By the late 80s however, the SP was in financial trouble and needed elsewhere the 100 miles of new rail now on the Beaumont to Lufkin line. Thus, sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, the entire line between Loeb Junction and the junction with the A&NR was abandoned, and the infrastructure removed, thus rendering short-lived the line's upgrade.

Loeb is now known as Rose Hill Acers and is about 10 miles north of Beaumont city center. Part of the abandoned T&NO line was used to add two additional lanes to highway 69 from Loeb into Beaumont.

Thanks to Richard Day for contributing information about this route.

The old SP Rockland Branch. Abandoned in the Early 90s, track pulled up mid 90s. In 1997 TXDOT bought the row and used it to widen and add divided hwy to Hwy 69.

Jeff Steen
Beaumont, TX


This is a law case that tells a little bit about the Railroad etc. I thought it was interesting. I use to be a brakeman for SP and worked Bonita Jct to Nacogdoches

Tyler, TX


I used to ride 5-wheelers down on those tracks

Lumbeton tx


My whole family is from Huntington tx and me and my cousin are told story's bout when my grandfather road the train to woodville and lufkin guess they were some fun I wish it was still open...I want to rebuild it someday..and extend the line all the way to troup tx and connect it to the abandon whitehouse tx line that goes the Tyler tx and connects with the Union Pacific line that runs east to west...would cost a lot but worth it..bring much needed oil and materials from the docs in port aurthor tx up north..comments on thoughts and ideas...

Jack lathrop
Whitehouse Texas


I remember hearing the SP trains roll through Colmesneil back in the 80's. We live on a lake less than a mile from where this line crossed FM 256. I miss hearing the sounds of those trains echoing across the lake.

Del Griffith


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