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The bridge in the middle of the picture is the old Pennsylvania RR line, abandoned in the 1970s. The bridge railing seen in the foreground is the ex-C&O bridge, now in use by the Cardinal Greenway Trail. Both railroad bridges are seen passing over the White River. Photo by Quentin Mong.

Muncie, IN, first saw rail service with the arrival of the Cincinnati, Richmond and Muncie Railroad, whose passenger station was erected in 1901; this puts the arrival of railroads probably around the same time. The line was purchased by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in 1910, who discontinued passenger service to the town in 1949. The line was abandoned and removed around 1994; today, the bridge and the former right-of-way serves to carry the Cardinal Greenway Trail, which will follow the ex-C&O ROW all the way to Richmond, IN, about 40 miles away.

A second railroad line also ran through Muncie; the Pennsylvania Railroad gained access to Mathews, (10 miles to the north), from their connection with the New York Central at Anderson (15 miles west). This isolated segment of PRR trackage was accessed at Anderson via trackage rights on the NYC. This line was abandoned in the 1970s.

Thanks to Quentin Mong for contributing information about this route.

Actually, the access reference is backwards

if you look at the 1927 division accounting map here:


You will see that Muncie was accessed from the Panhandle via Matthews, and not as you cite here

Pennsey Schemer
Logansport, IN


Amtrak ran on the C&O much later than 1949.

I think you need to revise your information with better facts.

Ethan McDowell

[Ethan, I've corrected the text to be more clear that the C&O ceased passenger service in 1949, irrespective of AMTRAK.  —Greg Harrison]


When was the Muncie and Western abandoned? I believe it was owned by the Ball Corporation

Wally Babcock
Greenville, OH


Is the rail line between Connersville and New Castle going to run again?

David Smith
Connersville, IN


I can remember as a kid growing up in the late 80's and early 90's, seeing this stretch of track that crossed McGalliard Ave until the mid 90's when it was finally removed, I never did see a train on it. Was this track sitting unused since the 70's?

John Mosier
Hamilton, OH


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