The Mount Carmal and Natalie Railroad

Mount Carmel to Natalie, PA

The Mount Carmel and Natalie Railroad, completed on November 5, 1891, ran from Mount Carmel Junction, at Mount Carmel, PA, north to Natalie, a distance of close to 6 miles. Using a series of switchbacks, it climbed Natalie mountain to the Colonial Colliery, which operated the MC&N, giving them access to the Pennsylvania Railroad and Reading Railroad at Mount Carmel. It was leased by the Reading in 1907, and was abandoned in 1952/1953.

See also The Lancaster Branch.

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russ very interesting. refering to the lancaster branch reference is made that this pennsy branch also served the colonial colliery in natalie. is there proof of this? also the colonial colliery apparently operated their own 3'6" rail line and among other locos they owned were a most rare engerth type and two vulcan built (kitson) meyer type locos. it would be most interesting to learn more of this captive line. dan m

dan marnell
san diego , CA

Dan: The Lancaster Branch abandonment map filed with the ICC shows it running all the way to Natalie and the comments

section below states that it ran to the Colonial:


Docket Number: 18980 Date: 6/27/1955 Section: 1(18)

App, of The Pennsylvania Railroad Company and the Shamokin Valley and Pottsville Railroad Co. for permission to abandon operation and remove the Lancaster industrial track extending northeasterly 3.96 miles from a connection with the Shamokin Branch of The Pennsylvania RR. Co., approx. 1 mile east of Shamokin, Pa., to the Natalie Colliery, in Northumberland County, Pa.

Length: 3.96 miles

Russ Kendter
Milford, NJ