Mount Airy, Maryland

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The Mount Airy Loop


This former Baltimore & Ohio freight / passenger (?) station in Mount Airy is now a local pharmacy. MD Route 808 crosses in the foreground. The western end of the branch/loop is still in place; it ends a couple hundred feet behind the camera. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2003.

The Baltimore & Ohio-heritage CSX main line passes south of Mount Airy through the Mount Airy tunnel. At one time there was a 3-to-4 mile long loop branch that passed through the town of Mount Airy, a couple miles north of the main line tunnel.

The eastern end of the branch is now abandoned. The remaining stub of the branch joins the main line west of town at Mount Airy Junction. Judging by the condition of the branch, there is little rail traffic today (2003).

The Mount Airy loop was the main line of the B&O until the realignment and construction of the Mount Airy tunnel in the early 1900s. This loop replaced the origional inclined planes used to get over Parr's Ridge which were located pretty much where the present alignment is today. The eastern portion was the first to be abandoned while the western portion served a cold storage facility until around 2005 when the facility closed.

Paul McNally
Baltimore, MD


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