Montchanin to Rockland

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The Rockland Branch

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Greg Harrison

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One of the only remnants on the Rockland Branch is this bridge across Brandywine Creek. Photo by Joe Sharretts, December 2008.

This line branched from Reading's mainline in Montchanin, DE to service Rockland Mills in Rockland. It was built in the late 1800s and abandoned in the early 1950s. It was 2 miles long and wound its way through wooded areas and paralleled Brandywine Creek for a short distance before crossing it to reach the mills.

Thanks to Joe Sharretts for contributing information about this route.

This line was in service up to 1973. In the late fall of 1972, I rail fanned this area while attending high school. I remember 2 Reading RS-3's switching the paper mill around 9PM on a Friday night. They were struggling pulling the loads from the paper mill uphill to Monchanin.

Fran Giacoma
Lewes, DE


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