Moncks Corner to Chicora, SC

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Berkeley Railroad

"It was around the year 1891 that A.S. Emerson got the idea of establishing New England City (later called Chicora), on Ward's Plantation about six miles northwest of Pinopolis. He built a railroad called the Berkeley Railroad, about nine miles long, from Moncks Corner to New England City, and hoped to sell lots and see the city grow into a thriving community.

There was a small station built at the crossing in Pinopolis (where the tracks crossed the Pinopolis road). The train made two trips a day, morning and evening, and made connections with the Northeastern Railroad (now the Atlantic Coast Line) in Moncks Corner.

New England City never prospered and was sold at auction on July 23, 1906, at the Berkeley County Court House to the E. P. Burton Lumber Company. The tracks and ties were then probably taken up and used for lumbering in the country. The old roadbed can still be seen, and is called the Old Tram Road. This is how Tram Street in Moncks Corner gets its name, being the old roadbed of the Berkeley Railroad."

Chicora, SC is now under Lake Moultrie but the old ROW is still visible in the shallow areas.

Jeffrey Kraemer
Easley, SC

AS Emerson is the brother of my great-great-great grandfather John S. Emerson. Both lived in New England City and worked on the railroad. I don't have further information, however AS Emerson was an inventor and lived in NYC, Boston, NJ and at one time, England. He also owned an artesian water company in Charleston at one time and the Emerson Laundry Company as well as the Emerson Car Company in Charleston as well.

Deana Wilson
Clarksville, MD