Joplin, MO to Helena, AR

The Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad

This abandoned railway line was abandoned in 1946; until the abandonment of The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, it was the longest rail abandonment in the U.S.

A segment of the route between Seligman, MO and Harrison, AR was operated as the Arkansas & Ozarks Railroad from 1948 to 1960.

Current remnants of the M&NA:

  • Seligman to Junction (Eureka Springs, AR) embankment still visible in Butler Creek Hollow. Portions of timber trestle still standing crossing Butler Creek at Table Rock Lake. Right-of-way converted to walking trail Butler Creek to Beaver, AR. Steel truss bridge over Table Rock Lake (White River) and cut through bluffs (Narrows) still in place. Right-of-way visible at Elk Ranch.
  • Right-of-way drivable from AR Route 23 crossing at Junction for approximately 1 mile east. Concrete foundations of coaling tower and water tank are visible.
  • Junction to Eureka Springs (3.5 miles) reconstructed circa 1980 as Eureka Springs and North Arkansas (tourist line). Handsome stone 1914 station still in service as ES&NA depot.
  • Portions of right-of-way between Eureka Springs and Harrison still visible. Tunnel in Livingston Hollow 2.5 miles east of Junction is collapsed and dangerous to enter.
  • Depot in Berryville, AR is still in use. Parts of the right-of-way around the old fair grounds and Hamby Lumber Company are still visible.
  • Stone piers and south abutment of Crooked Creek Bridge still visible.
  • Plate girder bridge still in place off AR Route 333 approximately 3 miles west of Gilbert, Ark.
  • Stone piers of bridge across Buffalo River still visible 2 miles east of Gilbert, Ark.
  • Stone 1914 station still standing at Leslie, AR
  • Bridge abutments still standing at Shirley, AR.
  • No traces of the line south of Shirley are visible.

Thanks to Ross Warnell for contributing information about this route.

A large truss bridge in Shirley, AR is still intact and is used as a one lane auto bridge over the Little Red river.

Approx. 6 miles of M&NA R/W is to be opened and restored in Heber Springs to use as recreational trail.

In St.Joe, AR the original wood Depot has been restored for use as a museum for artifacts of the M&NA.

James Mitchell
Heber Springs, AR


there is a trail at shirley starting where the depot was and going south east from Shirley on the r/w along Little Red river down to the cut below Shirley. Also below Shirley at Sandiff the road is on the r/w along the river. The r/w is very visible at Shirley.

Billy Burgess
Shirley, AR


The St. Joe depot looks great after restortion. Unfortunately, it was not open 11/21/2013. Volunteers needed to open the building to visitors.

The roof on the depot at Leslie is failing. The situation is serious but not beyond hope. Significant replacement of wooden roof structure at eaves required. One would think the lumber company that owns it might donate materials if labor could be found for stabilization & repairs.

Randy Roberson
Little Rock, AR


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