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The Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad

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(Forwarded from the Mississippi & Schoona Valley Railroad)

Note: This route is not officially abandoned yet and is proceeding through the abandonment process of the Surface Transportation Board. Please see the STB filings/decisions below for more information.

The Mississippi and Schoona Valley Railroad was chartered in 1925 to build a line from Bruce Junction (and a connection with an Illinois Central Railroad (ex-Grenada Railway) line, now abandoned) to Bruce, MS to serve a hardwood mill located there.

The railroad was renamed to the Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad, which filed for abandonment of the entire line in 2011. Yalobusha County, Mississippi, has created the Mississippi and Skuna Valley Rail-to-Trail group in order to use the right-of-way for trail use.

STB Filings and Decisions

Docket Number   Activity

The rails have been completely removed from the MSV.

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New Albany, MS


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