The Minersville Branch

Pottsville to Minersville, PA

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Pennsylvania Railroad
Docket: 24246 7/15/1966 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon its Minersville Branch, which extends westwardly a distance of 6.59 mi. from V. S. 8+76, near Pottsville, to V. S. 355+56, the terminus of the Minersville Branch at Lytle, all within Schuylkill County, Pa.
Length: 6.59 miles

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Is this is the line that had a trestle over the West Branch of the Schuylkill and Reading tracks near the Sunny Rod & Gun Club in Minersville?

Minersville, PA

Yes, the Minersville Branch (PRR) went through propertyvery close to the Rod & Gun Club. On the other side of the river bridge piers still exist near Cottage St.

If you go out of town towards the Duncot Hose Company you can see where the railroad crossed the street - a piece of rail is still visible. The ROW goes between the welding company and the Hose company and run close to Shaffers Hill Road.

Hope thisd is helpfull. JGC

J G Caughie
Doylestown , PA

I am very familiar with this section of the line. And I remember coming home from school St Nicholas in Minersville PA around 1966 and seeing them taking out the rails which went to the old Lytle Colliery. My aunt owned the Rick Ann Hall which was the old Lytle Colliery Office the track was right next to it within 30 feet. The bridge near Sunny Rod and Gun was near St Nicholas school and we walk across it many time. The railroad also when past the old Pine Knot Colliery at the other end of Black Heath about 3/10 mile the Lytle. Closed down many year before my time.

Rich Laychock
Primrose, PA

I acquired this line from PennCentral for the Schuylkill River Greenway Association in the 1990's when we were purchasing the Schuylkill County portion of the Reading Railroad along the Schuylkill River to form the Northern Terminus if the Schuylkill River Trail. It was kind of thrown in with a bunch of other little spur lines by PennCentral who was all too glad to be rid of the lines. At that time they were an Insurance Holding Company hq'd in Cincinnati

Harry Tucci
Pottstown, PA