Milwaukee to Watertown, WI

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In 1938 TMER&L spent millions to upgrade the track from Waukesha to Watertown. In 1940 it was the 3rd fastest Electric line in the country. Shortly thereafter the line was removed back to Oconomowoc and then to Waukesha. It was abandoned in 1951 after a head on crash between 2 trains on the Hales Corners line in 1949 had killed several passengers. It was

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI

The Waukesha - Oconomowoc route crosses I-94 west at the approx point of the Country Inn right before Highway G the single track used to pass between the double pole electric transmission lines, it is now a walk / bike path. The route then proceeded to the Pewaukee Lake shore crossing Highway SS at just North of Edgewater Drive. To the West of Highway SS was a large resort on the TMERL called Waukesha Beach. Large Hotel & Spa (long since burned down) on the shore line of the lake in proximity of Beach Park Circle which makes a circle around the former Waukesha Beach property. After the hotel burned down a medium sized amuzement park stood at the side until approx 1943 when it closed. Beyond Waukesha Beech the line did a 90 degree curve toward a straight South alignment to approx Oakton Road then paralleled Oakton Road just to the South. Crossing Highway E just North of Woodland Hills Drive and then through a series of curves and twists climbed the steep grade to Highway 83, the grade is still visible in parts of the Nagawaukee Golf Course and can be followed fairly easily......again follow the double electric poles for parts of the journey. Highway 83 was crossed at grade and the line proceeded directly behind the McDonalds that sits between Highway 83 and Highway C. It crossed Highway C on a wooden Trestle (long since removed) and you can see the continuation of the line through to Delefield as it is now on an embankment to the South of Highway C as it follows the lake. The line veered off at Main Street and follows the Main Street alignment into Delafield. Crossing South of Upper Nemahbin lake on the same narrow land bridge that I-94 uses........again follow the transmission lines. It crossed Sawyer Road and made an immediate 90 degree turn and parlleled Sawyer Road all the way to Pabst Road where it made another immediate 90 degree turn west to parallel Pabst road...........this is how the line avoided crossing Pabst Farms used for growing hops, barley and other ingredients for Pabst Beer in Milwaukee. Not sure of the route after Pabst road or if the transmission lines followed it but the line made it's way into downtown Oconomowoc. From there your going to have to buy the book on the TMERL.

Erich Guenther
Hartland, WI