Milwaukee to Kenosha

I do not have any information on this abandoned route. If you know anything about this route, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you!

Many years ago before WW2 the trains actually ran all the way through Cudahy and South Milwaukee on tha Streetcar tracks. When buses replaced streetcars the Rapid Transit as it was called, was moved to its own right a way just east of the Airport and south of South Milwaukee it turned east and ran parallel to the Chicago and Northwestern RR. The whole line was abandoned about 1948. There was also a Lakeside Belt Line from Lakesde Power Plant that connected to Powerton on the Milwaukee Road about 9 th street in the Town of Lake and rann about 8 miles west to connect to the Hales Corners lne that went to East Troy. The belt line was finally removed about 1954, when Lakeside Power plant was destroyed. There had been no traffic west of Powerton after the Hales Corners line was removed.

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI


Now Powerton is known by the street name of Waterford Ave.

Steven C Jensen
South Milwaukee, WI


looking at the abandoned tracks at about 19 and Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee; the tracks run north from Oklahoma and cross the Rooth River park The tracks are just west of a trucking company and an MPS land parcel.

Any idea who owns the abandoned tracks?

Gregorio Montoto
Franklin, WI


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