Milwaukee to East Troy, WI

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Part of this line is still open, runs from East Troy to Mukwonago WI. It is mostly an electric museum but I believe they still do a little switching service for local businesses as they operate a few electric locomotives and still have an interchange with the WC (CN) in Mukwonago. Here is the museum website.

Burlington, WI

The line was torn up in 1939 from Hales Corners though Saint Martens, Muskego and to Mukwonago. I remember riding with my parents about 1940 along National avenue and seeing the piles of old RR ties laying around. The trolley wires were still on the poles. The streetcars did not use panto-graphs but did use a single pole on each car. Trolley rides will start again in a couple of months

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI

The trolleys run from the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago to down town East Troy. You can ride as much as you want

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI

I rode the East Tory in the late 70's early 80's when it was ran by The Wisconsin Electric Railway Historical Society. They left me ride in the D23 maintenance car aside the motorman. It really gave me a good view of what the motorman sees. At that time they ran a set of lashed cars of North shore and ran it from and to east troy and the Elegant Farmer then kept going to the Soo line connection point, a rare run at that time. This was in January to commence the 1963 anniversary of the North Shores' abandonment. Hadn't been there since Friends took over.
South Milwaukee, WI

The line from Mukwonago to East Troy has been run continuously since 1907. The line is currently owned by and operated by the East Troy Railroad Museum, Inc. Scheduled museum trains run hourly on Saturdays and Sundays from late April through early November, and Friday-Saturday-Sunday in June, July and August. Bunny Trains and Christmas Trains run in March-April and November-December.

Steve Thomas
Greendale, WI