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(Forwarded from the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railroad)

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In Manitowoc, looking east from county highway R. Photo by Beaver.

This abandoned railway was originally laid by the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway in 1871. It was purchased by the Chicago North Western in 1893. The line was abandoned in 1978 by the CNW, except for a short section of track between Brillion and Forest Junction. This segment was subsequently operated by the short line Brillion and Forest Junction Railroad, which utilized a connection with the Milwaukee Road in Forest Junction. This segment was ultimately abandoned in 1987.

Thanks to Beaver for contributing information about this route.

I live less than 1/2 mile from the present end-of-track in Downtown Kaukauna. I've walked by it many times and have often wondered about it. Thank you for these pics, and would love to see more.

Kaukauna, WI


It seems that WC/CN, the successor owners of this line, have begun dismantling the remnants of it in downtown Kaukauna. In the last few weeks, the rails have been pulled and the ties dug up near the Kaukauna Pizza Hut, and continuing west until the section near Ghostown Fitness where the line splits into three. I understand within the last year or so, WC filed for abandonment of this entire section, from here going west until roughly the Appleton Coated Mill in Combined Locks (where the line still sees active use). A former mayor of Kaukauna told me that since the rest of the line to Manitowoc was pulled in the late 1970s, this section has only been used for the occasional storage of rail cars. Between Kaukauna and CL, the tracks closely hug the bank of Fox River; I walked this section last March, and it will make a beautiful walking trail once the city of Kaukauna redevelops it for this as they plan to do, although people have already been using it as such.

Kaukauna, WI


Great work done here, I live along the old railroad tracks east of Brillion. I remember walking with my dad on them a few years after they were torn up (I was born the year before in 1977). Recently I am dating a woman who lives near the Kaukauna pool near the Kaukauna end. Thanks for the pics, I hope to have my own submissions. And it's great to know some sections are made into trails....though it would be even greater if all of it were as such, though I understand that's nearly impossible with private property converted to farmland and buildings built over the right of way. Once again, thanks.

Brillion, WI


Thanks for adding Toby's pics good work Toby see you @ work

DePere, WI


The trestle over the main channel of the river in Kaukauna (shown in Picture 18) is still in use by CN/WC for switching operations at the Thilmany Mill.

St. Louis, MO


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