Hamilton to Woodsdale Junction

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The Middletown Branch

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Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 10708 Date: 12/12/1934 Section: 1
Joing application of Baltimore and Ohio. RR. Co. and Toledo and Cincinnati. RR. Co for certificate to abandon the Middletown Branch, Toledo Division, of the latter, extending from Hamilton to a point near Woodsdale Junction, a distance of 3.573 miles, all in Butler County, Ohio; and to abandon operation thereof.
Length: 3.573 miles Citation: 202 ICC 743  
Docket Number: AB-19 Date: 2/7/1972 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for authority to (a) aband. port. of its Middletown Branch from VS 32+38 to the end of the Branch at VS 75+60, 0.82 mi., and (b) aband. oper. of trkg. rights over segment of tracks owned by Penn Central from VS 11+25 to VS 32+38, a distance of 0.40 mi., Butler County, Ohio.
Length: 0.82 miles Citation:  

Part of the right-away is now a bike trail. North of Hamilton to just before Liberty/Fairfield Road

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It is still used every day taking still to and coal and scrap metal from Middletown to new Miami to the rail yard on the CSX main line.

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This portion of track became redundant when B&O built the Woodsdale Cut-Off between New Miami and Woodsdale Junction in 1927, shortening the Middletown Branch by 2.8 miles. This enabled trains on the Middletown Branch to avoid the congestion of downtown Hamilton. A further reason for building the Woodsdale Cut-off was to enable hot metal trains to run from the blast furnaces at New Miami to the Armco plant at Middletown. Trackage rights were granted by B&O to Armco Steel to operate the hot metal trains from New Miami to Middletown. A small portion of the original line was kept in the vicinity of downtown Hamilton to serve a few local customers, but B&O ceased operations on that segment in 1968.

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Little to no remnants of this line are easily found. I have however, have done a bit of research on this.

A small portion of track that is embeded in the paved driveway leading into the closed grant elementary school on canal road. This section of the canal was filled in here in the 1920's. The r.o.w. in front of the tracks is evident, as there is a "hump" in the ground.

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There was a station along this line that went under the name of sheley's. This station bear the name of the town it sat in. Which was slightly west of headgates road. There are no remnants of any building foundation whatsoever. So its exact location cannot be determined. The center of the town of Sheley's was around here.


The lane public library has a couple of photos of the abandoned line.

This one was where the line crossed the canal (modern day route 4 next to the bp gas station) on a swing bridge near an ice-house (the canal here was paved over).



Here is where the line crossed high street. If you look carefully, you can see the aforementioned swing bridge crossing the canal.


There is one photo of the line located near sheley's, the photo however does not have the station in it.


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Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/h3n

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